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Relapse Prevention in Buffalo

Relapse is a cruel risk that ex-addicts have to prepare for. Most addicts agree that you are never truly “cured”, but a good prevention plan can greatly increase your chances for staying healthy and happy in the future. Buffalo offers many excellent programs that can help put you back on track, which include spotting relapse warning signs, establishing connections with a sponsor or advocate, and organizing continued therapy to chart your progress. Addiction is a lifelong struggle, but with good relapse prevention treatments, such as prevention therapy or support groups, a clean bill of health is possible to achieve. It is for these reasons that relapse prevention should be on the forefront of your mind as you move away from addiction towards a healthier lifestyle, and Drug Treatment Center Buffalo can help you get there.

Emotional relapse is the first warning sign that a total relapse is imminent. Symptoms include a foul mood, poor sleep and eating habits, and a generally pessimistic demeanor. The patient support of friends, family, or professionals is essential at this time as your brain readjusts. Next comes a mental relapse, in which the ex-addict begins fantasizing or even planning to begin using again. This often leads to the final phase: physical relapse, wherein the sufferer finds themselves back where they started, addicted and using once again.

Relapse is most likely to occur in people who are bored, unmotivated, or not ready for sober living. You need a plan if you want to avoid relapse. The experts at Drug Treatment Centers Buffalo can help you find a sponsor, either through a support group or through a friend or family member, who you can call if you feel old urges begin to appear. It might also be necessary to cut ties with former acquaintances who share your addiction. If these people aren’t willing to support your decision to get clean, they’re not your friends and don’t deserve your attention. You need to stay active and focused on your goal of a healthier, better future for yourself and those around you. Drug Treatment Centers Buffalo can also find you a sober living house, where you can be kept under observation during the rough periods of your recovery.

Rehab facilities come with a wealth of activities to keep the sufferer’s mind off their urges. Many programs offer educational courses in a variety of topics from arts and crafts to sports and exercises. Some rehab programs also offer nature hikes, or more practical activities like automotive repair that can be used in real life once you’ve been granted a clean bill of health. These facilities also provide you with numerous ex-addicts who’ve suffered through the worst that addiction has to offer. Thousands of relapses are prevented each year by the tireless efforts of these individuals. Get their advice, they’re here to help.

As many as 60% of addicts in recovery will relapse at some point. This statistic is both sobering and a bit misleading. Many addicts do not have a plan when they decide to get clean, thinking that all they require to stop using is willpower and a weekend away from their chosen substance. These people relapse quickly when their willpower gives out. Addiction isn’t a logical disease, it can’t be reasoned with and it overrides willpower. If you want to stop using once and for all, you need to make drastic chances to your lifestyle. Announce your intentions to your loved ones, attend therapy sessions, enlist aid from anyone willing to lend it, and find healthy distractions you can lose yourself in whenever an urge begins to grow. Remember, those who pursue a relapse prevention plan are up to 35% less likely to relapse, and what relapses do occur are much more manageable.

That’s the goal of relapse prevention programs like at Drug Treatment Centers Buffalo: to give you the tools you need to control what can be controlled, and to manage what cannot.

Addiction is a lifelong struggle but it CAN be beaten. Find a game plan and stick to it and you’ll never relapse again.

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