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How to Deal With Alcohol Cravings Buffalo, NY

alcohol cravings alcoholism substance addiction treatment young man craving whiskey Buffalo rehabilitation center New York rehab centers Quitting drinking is far from easy. It is natural to have urges or cravings for alcohol when you quit drinking. Recovering alcoholics might crave a drink for various reasons. For example, to escape from unpleasant things or feelings, to celebrate an event, or to forget abo... Read More →

5 Myths about Drug Addiction Buffalo, NY

drug addiction treatment rehab Buffalo substance abuse rehabilitation center New York rehab There are several misconceptions and myths about drug addiction. For any information you need about drug addiction, contact Drug Treatment Centers Buffalo at (716) 262-3083. The misconceptions about drug addiction may include:

Myth #1: All people that use drugs are addicted... Read More →

Soccer Player Enters Program for Substance Abuse

best place for addiction recovery where patients get to participate in a variety of programs Sebastian Velasquez, New York City Midfielder has entered rehab for substance abuse. He’ll be a part of MLS’s Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health program, and will be there until he’s cleared to play again. The exact reason for him entering the progr... Read More →

Invervention in Buffalo

Call 716-262-3083 to find help in your transitioning from addiction to recovery. Oftentimes, the addict is the last person who realizes the need for an intervention. Loved ones are normally the ones taking the lead and starting the process of alcohol and drug rehab with the use of a good intervention. Individuals who care about family members who struggle with an addiction should show this type of care by letting their loved on... Read More →

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