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Addiction Rehab in Buffalo


What many people do not understand, is that addiction is a chronic and often relapsing brain disease. Strong-will and the desire is simply not enough for most people to overcome the disease. This is due to the fact that substance abuse has the ability to alter the brains chemistry in ways that make it nearly impossible to quit without the assistance of medical professionals in an addiction rehab. Addiction rehab is more than just a place to detox from your substance or substances of choice, it is a place to rebuild your mental and physical health through therapy sessions, group counseling, alternative treatments, and relapse prevention. Drug Treatment Centers Buffalo offers a variety of programs tailored to each patient’s unique needs. It is never too late to seek treatment from an addiction rehab. Addiction rehab provides hope when many believe hope to be lost. The tools learned in rehabilitation are not only beneficial during ones short-term stay at the facility; they are beneficial for a life-time of sobriety.


Recovery is not an event, it is a continual process that requires maintenance. It is possible to achieve sobriety without seeking assistance from an addiction rehab, but it is very unlikely that the addict will stay clean without the knowledge and support acquired during rehabilitation. One of the keys to overcoming addiction is to understand what specifically triggers the addiction and many people are unable to recognize this on their own. Also it can be extremely difficult to break old habits when surrounded by a world of temptation. Due to the fact that addiction is known to be a relapsing disease, addicts must learn how to manage their cravings on a day-to-day basis. The way in which to do this is through counseling and support. This and more is provided by the highly trained staff at Drug Treatment Centers Buffalo. If you or a loved one is suffering from the deadly disease of addiction do not let it persist for one more day, call us now at 716-262-3083. Your new life is waiting.


Addiction- A Physical and Psychological Disease


When someone abuses a substance or substances for an extended period of time, their body begins to adapt to the chemical changes produced by the drug and/or alcohol. The substance begins to replace chemicals that are naturally produced by brain. These chemicals elicit feelings of pleasure. As drug or alcohol abuse persists, the brain no longer produces as many of these chemicals naturally because it begins to rely on the substance. Once an addict stops abusing the substance, the body goes into shock, as these chemicals dwindle. Due to this, the withdrawal process can be incredibly uncomfortable, and in severe cases, deadly. Therefore, undergoing medical detox is the safest and easiest option for someone trying to break free from substance abuse. The symptoms are simply too unpleasant to combat on your own.


Once the detoxification process is complete, focus is shifted to the patient’s psychological health and well-being. Someone who is mentally unstable cannot break free from the disease and the staff out our addiction rehab understands this. To the mind, the substance is a necessity. It takes intensive cognitive therapy to motivate an addict to make the change and become fully self-aware of how their habits have affected them and those they love. Individualized and group therapy helps addicts recognize self-destructive behavior, giving them the chance to change these negative patterns.


Treatment Options


Our addiction rehab facility offers multiple treatment options for addicts. An inpatient program is a very effective method of treatment. Patients reside in the facility, allowing them to recover in a stress-free environment, free of the temptation at home. This is highly recommended for people with severe cases of addiction.


Outpatient treatment is another option. With this method, addicts come to the addiction rehab for therapy during the day, but they still reside at home. As long as the patient has a solid support group and remains motivated and committed to recovery, this option can be beneficial as well. Each patient will be evaluated and receive the specialized program that our staff believes to lead to the highest success rate.


The time to seek help for an addiction is now. Prolonging the process is only fueling the first. Call Drug Treatment Centers Buffalo today at 716-262-3083 and get your life back.

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