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5 Myths about Drug Addiction Buffalo, NY

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There are several misconceptions and myths about drug addiction. For any information you need about drug addiction, contact Drug Treatment Centers Buffalo at (716) 262-3083.

The misconceptions about drug addiction may include:

Myth #1: All people that use drugs are addicted

Not every individual that is using drugs becomes addicted to them. Drug addiction is not only a simple use of the drug. It is a disease that affects our brain and changes its structure. Thus, it leads to the use of drugs even though these substances are harmful and can cause serious health problems.  An addict might experience personality and mood changes. Drug addicts are not able to quit taking drugs, even if they want to. Their lives are controlled by drugs.

Myth #2: Drug addicts are unemployed, homeless or bad people

People from all backgrounds, both young or old, rich or poor can become addicted to drugs. You may go to school or work, you may have a loving family and home, and you may still be an addict. Many addicts are loving and caring sons, brothers, parents or spouses. Therefore, addiction doesn’t make a difference based on the background.

Myth 3: People don’t need treatment for drug addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. It is very difficult for drug addicts to control and manage their cravings. A medically supervised treatment can help people manage and overcome their addiction. The treatment options will vary from person to person depending on the length of addiction, the type of abused drug and a person’s health history. Consequently, medication-assisted treatment, detoxification, behavioral or cognitive therapy, counseling and alternative treatment can help an addict to lead a drug-free life.

Myth 4: Prescription drugs don’t cause addiction

Prescription drugs are medicines prescribed by a doctor to treat specific conditions. Even though prescription drugs are safe if taken as directed, people may develop a dependence on them. Moreover, many prescription drugs are habit forming. This means that the misuse or abuse of prescription medicines can lead to serious consequences and even addiction.

Myth 5: Once you relapse you cannot become sober again Buffalo, NY

It is natural to crave for drugs or to relapse one or more times while recovering. Yes, to relapse means to take a step back but it does not mean defeat. People that relapse can go on with their treatment and still recover.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, contact Drug Treatment Centers Buffalo at (716) 262-3083. Our experts will provide the best treatment option for you.



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